Providing For Your Chemical Needs

Incorporated in 1996, the foundation of Kimic is built upon providing chemicals to support water and wastewater treatment systems.

With the firm belief that water should be a well-managed resource, Kimic aims to deliver customer satisfaction by providing technical support and knowledge on top of taking into account different systems and processes, staying true to the motto of the company “Innovative Chemicals for Water Management”.




The commitment of the company is to build up strong and long term lasting relationships with our customers and business associates in a wide sector of industries. By focusing on the distinct requirements of different customers and being responsive to their relevant expectations needs, Kimic was able to adapt to the changing market demands and be kept in touch with the latest technology and innovations in the industry.
Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength in expanding this wide network, contributing to the growth of the company. The company has also attained the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2008 certification. With this, we pledge to cultivate good working practices and at the same time, stay responsible to our customers, business associates and partners.

In the process, we aim to keep up this spirit of delivering customer satisfaction, going beyond providing the product itself. Aiming to be a reliable chemical supplier, the company has looked to the idea of providing a “one-stop solution” in order to be the “company of choice”. Hence, this growth strategy involved delivering value-added services by having an increasing spectrum of product range as well as supplying custom-made products and services to suit different needs of the industry. Together with our extensive network, this has allowed us to work with local and worldwide partners in delivering solutions to our customers.

By constantly providing value in customer service and products together with the ability to provide reliable and customised solutions, this has enabled us to sustain the rapport with our customers and business associates. From feedback and market insights, we have also worked in developing more efficient and effective solutions customized to unique needs of different sectors of industries.




Looking towards to the future, there would constantly be emerging challenges. To cope with this and remain at the forefront of the industry, building up strong and long term lasting relationships remains an integral part of our business. We look forward to further cooperation and actively working together with clients, business associates and other partners. Hence, this enables the development of feasible, effective and innovative solutions that are not only specialized and application-focused to the different industries, as well as harness the capabilities of the different stakeholders.

Built upon knowledge and experience in the industry and supported by a dedicated and committed team, we envision a future of continued growth and developments in the industry and would seek to continuously develop our skills and expertise to increase our capabilities while staying true to our commitment of seeing water as a valuable resource to be kept sustainable and well-managed.


Our Philosophy

Kimic Chemitech (S) Pte Ltd provides innovative chemicals for water management. We are concerned of the pollution of water and strive to give a cleaner environment so the future generations could continue to enjoy the same or even better conditions than we have currently. We specialize in chemicals and related accessories for the water and wastewater treatment.